Dear neighbour

Dear Neighbour, How are you? I hope you're having a good day. Me? I’m tired. Tired of squeezing a 25kg wheelchair into a car boot through a six-inch space. Tired of soaking the backs of my legs against the front bumper of your wet and dirty car. Tired of trying to squeeze a big car … Continue reading Dear neighbour

Gone camping

Q. What do you do in the summer holidays if you have three children under five, one breastfeeding constantly, one addicted to cartoons, and one severely disabled? A. Take them camping. No joke*. So, we picked a week with a half-decent weather forecast, if not a decent health forecast (Benjamin had just started vomiting up … Continue reading Gone camping


“And now, here’s an SOS message for Mrs Alexandra Davey, currently thought to be travelling in the Skye area: could you please come back down to earth as your son, Benjamin, is severely disabled.” At home, we get used to it, we get on with it. We grow blind to the house full of equipment … Continue reading Holiday


Apologies for the pause in transmission; we’ve been away on our summer holidays. Ah, holidays: a time to relax, recover, enjoy each other’s company, refresh ourselves for the year ahead. Agh, holidays: most stressful life-event after divorce, losing your job and moving house (joint, of course, with Christmas): travelling with small children – check; travelling … Continue reading Interlude