Gone camping

Q. What do you do in the summer holidays if you have three children under five, one breastfeeding constantly, one addicted to cartoons, and one severely disabled? A. Take them camping. No joke*. So, we picked a week with a half-decent weather forecast, if not a decent health forecast (Benjamin had just started vomiting up … Continue reading Gone camping

Highs and lows of a feeding tube

It’s been a few weeks now since Benjamin got his mic-key button fitted. The operation went smoothly and we were home in a couple of days. Beforehand, I asked “will this give me my happy little boy back?” With all the research on earth we weren’t going to know the answer to that question without … Continue reading Highs and lows of a feeding tube

Pinning my hopes on a button

Last night, as I was kissing Benjamin goodnight, he smiled at me. Just last month this would have been no big deal: whatever happened during the day, I knew I could rely on getting a smile as I leaned in for a kiss before turning out his light. Yesterday, it was a rare glimpse of … Continue reading Pinning my hopes on a button