The long haul

The world is closing in around us. Around my son, his siblings, and me. My children are all growing up so fast. I can hardly believe Benjamin is four – he’ll be starting school next year. My eldest is already a grown-up P1 girl and loving it. And my littlest is walking, running, and jumping … Continue reading The long haul

Five things I’d change

This post was written for the #SEND30daychallenge, day 7: ‘Five things you’d change.’ We are so fortunate to live in Scotland, where there are really very few things that need to be changed so that Benjamin, and children like him, can live a safe, healthy, and happy life for as long as their biology and … Continue reading Five things I’d change

It could be you

We’ve all been there, right? It’s the middle of ‘circle time’ at that posh playgroup, or ‘relaxation’ during baby yoga. The other little darlings are sitting still, smiling, cooing gently, in their pretty pinafores while the mums sip their coffee and decline another chocolate digestive. Suddenly there’s an eruption. You can tell by the squelchy … Continue reading It could be you