End of an era

My eldest daughter, Jackie, nuzzled her way up and latched on to my breast whilst I was still in the recovery room after her caesarean birth over six years ago, and I’ve been physically nourishing my children ever since. In fact, I’ve been either pregnant or breastfeeding (or both) for longer than I was in … Continue reading End of an era

The dishes can wait

I don’t think I’ve ever successfully kept a New Year’s resolution. However, it seems almost obligatory at this time of year to write some kind of reflective or predictive post. And, in our back garden this afternoon the soil was warming up, the hellebores and forsythia were flowering, there were catkins, and it was daylight … Continue reading The dishes can wait

Each day as it comes

On the whole I manage to avoid thinking about my own future, but it’s hard not to dream for your kids. On Friday I took the baby to our third outpatient appointment of the week; my husband took our little girl swimming. The dietician was running an hour late (only to tell me to carry … Continue reading Each day as it comes

The manual

Type “parenting books” into Amazon and you get almost 84,000 hits. At least one of those books, I would have thought, would match our situation. By which I mean our children and our preferred style of parenting. But I haven’t found it yet. With our first child we tried, at least broadly, to follow attachment … Continue reading The manual