Thoughts from no-man’s-land

Last week, we had our twenty week scan. Everything looked normal, as we knew it would: Benjamin looked entirely normal at twenty weeks. That didn’t stop me rushing home and googling the baby’s head circumference until I found a graph that put it on the 60th percentile. That’s got to be good, right? So now … Continue reading Thoughts from no-man’s-land

Fortune favours the brave?

In retrospect, I shouldn’t have looked at the twelve-week scan. I shouldn’t have marvelled at its perfect, 6 cm long little body, its stomach, bladder and beating heart, its tiny vertebrae, arms and legs. I shouldn’t have watched it leaping summersaults in my belly. It might then have been easier not to view it as … Continue reading Fortune favours the brave?

Hypothetical questions

I almost didn’t post this. It’s personal, a bit controversial, very selfish; it may upset some readers. It doesn't even come to any conclusions. However, I needed to write it to clarify my own thoughts and, having written it, it seemed hypocritical not to publish. I’ve written before about wanting another child, and I know … Continue reading Hypothetical questions

Hope and expectation

I think it’s only fair that before I go any further I explain properly why I’m writing this blog. So, I need to take you back to last November. We were 38 weeks into an uneventful pregnancy, excited about the prospect of meeting our second child. Then, at the end of a very long Friday, … Continue reading Hope and expectation

Number three

I’ll admit it, I’m broody. I’m desperate for another baby. Another normal baby. I want it for myself – although I love him to bits – because I feel deprived of that wonderful experience of watching a child learn, grow, and develop day by day. And I want it for my little girl – although … Continue reading Number three