One SWAN mother to another

We wear our brightest colours;

To celebrate one of our brightest stars.

We have lost a precious one of our number;

You have lost an essential part of yourself.

He leaves a perfect, cygnet-shaped hole in our community;

He leaves a gaping wound in your heart.

He was one of life’s characters; a charmer, a maestro, a card;

He was just a little boy, your little boy.

We loved him;

You will always love him.

We weren’t ready;

How could you ever be ready?

We share your grief;

But we cannot lessen it.

We fumble for words;

You are gracious and eloquent as ever.

We share the same fears;

You face them head on.

We marvel at your strength;

You just do what you have to do.

We rage at life’s unfairness;

You know that life isn’t fair.

We feel helpless;

We are honoured to help just a little.

We stand at your side;

Though we are miles apart.

With love.

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