Giving in to hope

DSC_0049My friend has a gorgeous little shop on the High Street selling, among other things, beautiful hand-painted Christmas baubles. The other day, I called in and bought three. One for each of my children.

Not just because she told me they were on three-for-two (an offer I suspect is not extended to everyone), but because, whatever happens in the New Year, I will have three children to celebrate this Christmas.

Last week we had an ultrasound scan and an MRI scan. The results were positive (everything looks perfectly normal), but not conclusive (none of the doctors would commit themselves to saying it would stay that way). Book another scan, wait another month.

How should I react? I still want to protect myself, to prepare for the worst. But, as my mum says, there also has to come a point at which I allow myself to hope for the best. And what better time for a glimmer of hope than Christmas?



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